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Engineering Conference Alerts has been a trusted partner to user to search International Conferences on Engineering, Technology and relevant fields. Conference Alerts and Notification are provided to subscribers which help them to know about Upcoming International Conferences in the year 2019. Conference at Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and all major cities as well as conferences in other countries like USA, China, India could be found easily at few finger clicks.

Conducting an International Conference:

Conducting international and national level conferences and symposiums in colleges are important to provide a outer world iteration and exposure to staffs and students of the institution. Scientific events and conferences includes technical interactions between professionals, researchers and academician to inculcate the applications of science and technology .Organizing an international conference and Upcoming conference alerts includes few major activities like initial activities, publicity and announcement ,publications and review and conference management.

Initial Activities:

These includes the conference initiation approaches like finalizing the title and topics for the conference. The title of the conference we decide to initiate should be cache, short and palatable to get what the conference is about. Dates for the conference should be scheduled with a ample time for publicity and convenience of attendees should be prioritized .Once the date ,place and the conference title is finalized the organizer should release the initial announcement which should include a brief description and a brief agenda which should be posted in online, print and electronic media . The department of Human resource development should be intimated about the international conference alerts chennai to facilitate oversea attendees to avail visa to reach the conference venue. Following the above state the conference website should be created with all detail information like important dates, place and tracks or sessions included.


The conference should be posted at Conference alerts which indexes the international and national conferences scheduled at business cities across the world in its calendar. Conference organizer can post the conference details and banners at the advertisement and highlighted pages of conference alerts to make a better publicity. Conference alerts also provides different packages for the advertisement of the conference which are very effective to reach the interested conference attendees.


The research articles presented in the conference are published in the conference proceedings and journals. Colleges can take help of publishers like Springer's, IEEE, Elsevier and IFERP to make the articles and research abstracts published in the proceedings and journals. Accepted research paper should undergo a strict and peer review to avoid plagiarism before getting published.

Conference Management:

Conference and scientific event management is a professional art of executing a conference and could be outsourced with reputed event management companies. This includes treatment to guest, speakers and other attendees as well as operation of help desk and registration counters. The sessions are followed by keynote addresses of invited eminent speakers and interactive presentation of thought provoking scientific ideas. The attendees are served with buffet lunch and the post lunch a session is terminated with winding activities like vote of thanks by the convener and organizer.

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